The city itself is a maze-like construct of overlapping roots and housepods. Posté 25 septembre – Dans 1 collection faite par twitch. Toutes les marques déposées sont la propriété de leurs détenteurs respectifs aux États-Unis et dans d’autres pays. It has become notorious as a hotbed of smugglers.

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Its busy markets and open plazas attract many to its Water Strider port. C’est vraiment le plus grand projet et c’est un plaisir de le voir se réaliser petit à petit et que ça n’est pas prêt de s’arréter! I observed that GCM and cholesterol treatment clearly down regulated the cholesterol synthesis in neurons, confirming this expression result. We hope that you all enjoy our mod! GCM highly up regulated the genes of matrix Gla protein and heme oxygenase 1, which could be confirmed on protein level. Grande carte dans un univers de pierres tombales et de fantômes.

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Antediluvian Secrets Débuté par Angora23 sept. TR uses a combination of imagination and lore to bring you new areas to explore, new secrets to discover and allowing a host of new adventures to unfold. This release, Antediluvian Secrets, is the second part of this effort, with its varied landscape stretching from the famed ruins of Kemel-Ze in the west to the massive Boethian Lake to the east. This land is a treasure chest of ruins and ancient secrets waiting to be discovered, from the long-looted halls of Kemel-Ze, to the cursed ruin of Nchazdrumm, to the mysterium shrouding the ancient city of Dun Akafell.

The land is mostly Telvanni but for the town of Helnim, awash in its own squalor, enamored by its own decline.

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Some statistics for Antediluvian Secrets are displayed below: Below is a list of the key locations barring a few and some descriptions along with accompanying screenshots: Kemel-Ze Perhaps the most famous Dwemer ruin in Morrowind, Kemel-Ze is a gigantic complex that collapsed into the sea in ancient times.

More recently it has been under the investigation of archaeologists, whose excavations have uncovered dozens of mysterious halls, grand vestibules, and magnificent chambers that speak to the grandness of Dwemer civilization.

The citizens of Marog have looted the ruins of Kemel-Ze for centuries, and are a bit reluctant to accept the Imperial Archeological Society excavating the site. This once-great city has forgotten its nobler past and falling into disrepute as a hotbed of crime, split by the division between the Telvanni quarter and its insane Lord and the Imperial quarter with its drunken Lord stumbling around his crumbling halls.

aim map2

Alt Bosara is the stronghold of Master Vaerin of the Telvanni and a center for his vehemently anti-temple beliefs. Because of these trade routes, the empire build a fort near Tel Muthada, Cephorad Keep. Tel Muthada is currently under the control of Llenari Telsaran, the brutally direct Telvanni wizard. The impiety of the Telvanni Lord has not iam much jap2 please the Temple faithful still present in the region. Tel Mothrivra The Wilderness Much of this landscape remains untamed, with vast expanses of plains and towering mountains rising up to meet whoever aij so bold as to go exploring.

There are secrets waiting to be uncovered and adventures waiting to be had The wilderness of Antediluvian Secrets spreads over hundreds of cells of varied terrain and is filled with many smaller settlements, tombs, ruins, and shrines not outlined above. This time around we have taken even more care in making sure that each and every cell is interesting and unique.


So get out there, explore, you never know what map22 might find! As we did with Telvannis, we want you the community to be able to preview and enjoy the massive amounts of work done already, so you can quench your ami and familiarize yourself with the locales while we work on bringing quests to the region.

Antediluvian Secrets is dependent on our previous release, Map 1. It completes the region known as Telvannisor all the area covered by Great House Telvanni’s holdings. Quests for Telvannis are well on their way to the land where completed quests aimm the main questline and higher level faction quests are all that remain.

Well over one hundred quests await the player’s time and wit on the final version of Telvannis. The aim while building these quests is to find a way to give the player real choices that will have solid effects on the world around them.

Your actions will cause rulers to fall, beliefs to be challenged, and could affect the delicate balance of power between Imperial and Telvanni, native and n’wah, old and new. Simply put, Telvannis is filled with stories of political intrigue, backstabbing, and long lost secrets that revolve around a power-struggle between the two most powerful women in Telvannis. This is not a story of brave knights and beautiful princesses, but of sneaky agents and manipulating rulers.

Accordingly, it has all the cheap tricks and unsavory characters you would expect, along with the opportunity to unearth some things that haven’t been seen in a long time The remainder of Morrowind is doing well, with progress in many areas of interior and exterior world-building.

The city of Necrom, focal point of The Sacred Eastwas completely rebuilt with a new design. Our resident writing team is finishing up efforts to improve the quality of the new books added by the project, with « Gospels » in honor of the Tribunal saints. Work is also ongoing on things like the last few interiors in the giant city of Almalexia and the interior of the Castle of Old Ebonheartthe largest Imperial stronghold in Morrowind.

Tamriel Rebuilt Map2 : Antediluvian Secrets

Work on our Oblivion project is also going well. If you own TES4, you might like to have a look at our Hammerfell project. TR is still recruiting! If you have an interest in seeing this project coming to fruition, you might want to consider helping us out.

Texturing, modeling, exteriors, interiors, scripting, dialogue or simply play-testing; aiim you can do it, we want to hear from you!

Working in a team is a great way to get plenty of critical feedback on your work, and even if you just want to be a beta tester so that you can get a sneaky « first glance » at the quests or other unreleased content, you’re welcome to drop by our forums. Quest writers, modelers, and texture artists are particularly sought-after at this time. The Antediluvian Secrets are yours to discover Spoiler Et maintenant, la seconde béta, avec des quêtes cette fois!


Pour le téléchargement, le lien conseillé est aimm sur ModDB. Telvannis is the first part of Tamriel Rebuilt’s Morrowind Province mod. A large mod, it adds great amounts of content to the game, including: This is, however, our last beta for Telvannis, the next one will be the final version. The area that Map mqp2 occupies is mostly occupied by House Telvanni, save for two Imperial settlements on its western coast.

It spans diverse types of terrain, from the rugged Boethian Mountains to the overgrown wilderness of mxp2 Telvanni Isles; from the rolling hills and fertile pastures of the Molagreahd to the dark depths of the Sea of Ghosts. Its population is spread across a number of settlements, ranging from the majestic glory of Port Telvannis to the imposing battlements of Firewatch; from the sprawling bridges of Gah Ouadaruhn to the dizzying heights of Tel Ouada.


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The quests that are included in this file are the following: Port Telvannis, the capital of the Telvanni lands, has 9 of them! Gah Sadrith is second with 5 miscellaneous quests; Gah Ouadaruhn has 4.

The rest of the settlements have 2 quests each. And even if that isn’t enough, we also have 6 quests implemented in the wilderness. One of them, Kill the Messenger, is very large indeed. So find and play all of our quests and have fun with them! Error reporting forum Main areas of interest include: It also ma2p the Telvanni Council House itself, where the « Parliament of Bugs », made up of the six councilors, sits in session.

The city is a maze-like construct of overlapping roots and house pods. Inside am city, a large slave market thrives, where the Dres bring fresh captives for the service of the Mage lords.

Life here goes on as if the Empire never existed, for the Council vigorously protects ancient Telvanni privileges. Firewatch The center of Imperial power in the area, and home to the bullish Perulia Jandacia, recently elevated to the status of Duchess of the Telvanni District. The lighthouse shines out over the bay, a symbol of Imperial power.

aim map2

The mighty castle of Firewatch stands as it has for centuries as a bastion of Imperial strength. But as the unrest in Cyrodiil threatens to draw the legions from the provinces and the duchess pushes Telvanni patience to its limit, the locals wonder how much longer it will remain standing.

Tel Ouada Situated in the midst of miles of rolling pastures and gentle hills, the fiercely independent Mistress Rathra’s mighty tower dominates the land. Its rich agricultural hinterland and thriving workshops are the focal point for rising anger against Imperial domination.

Its busy markets and open plazas attract many to its Water Strider port. Ranyon-ruhn and Tel Aranyon The ancient Velothi town of Ranyon-ruhn is small and compact, and relies upon ebony mining for sustenance. Its maze-like homes and towers are built over the water itself. Its small keep looks out over a small amount of Imperial houses and some older Dunmer shacks.

Its desperately poor inhabitants rely on a combination of fishing and farming to survive, and have incorporated the local wild mushrooms into the settlement’s Dunmer architecture. Its farmers raise Silt Striders for sale to the mainland as beasts of burden, along with netches and various crops. Its fields are overlooked by Tel Sadas, an ancient second era Velothi fortification.

Ashamul A small troglodytic community, Ashamul lies near the infamous Aranyon Pass. Its inhabitants are desperately poor, and get by however possible.

Sarvanni An underground molecrab farm akm to the north of Ashamul. It is here that molecrabs are farmed for their eggs and their shells, producing the raw materials required for the local Telvanni guards’ armor. Yashazmus An ancient Daedric ruin that has been overtaken by the wild-growing mushrooms of the Telvanni Isles Manzirache A series of sunken Dwemer ruins, its passages twisted by time into odd directions, and its great halls flooded with water.

Bthzundcheft An ancient Dwemer stronghold that has been torn apart by the roots pushing through its walls. It has become notorious as a hotbed of smugglers.