Users can add other users. Les fonctionnalités pour les utilisateurs restent identique. It is designed for use as a quick trial to understand basic Yammer features. Internal and external groups can be set up by any user. Différences de prise en charge Support differences Utilisez forum de la Communauté de Yammer , cliquez sur Questions. This trial is not connected to Office

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Pourquoi est-ce que voient différentes fonctionnalités, de couleurs ou une autre disposition que Mes collègues? Your organization owns the data. Available on one domain. If you upgrade to Office using the same domain, all Yammer data, content, and users are preserved. Admins can also restrict types of files that can be uploaded.

Yammer Basic et entreprise Yammer. Les deux sont faciles à convertir en un abonnement payant à Office There are two ways to try Yammer: Yammer Basic, and Yammer Enterprise. Both are easy to convert to a paid Office subscription. Utilisez le tableau suivant pour déterminer qui sera plus utile. Use the following table to determine which will be most useful for you.

In Office setup, verify the same domain you grqtuit for Yammer Basic.

Comparaison des options pour un essai gratuit de Yammer | Microsoft Docs

Après la conversion, vous pouvez avoir des utilisateurs qui sont uniquement dans Yammer et non pas dans Office Decide how you will manage users in Yammer Enterprise.

After converting, you may have some users that are just in Yammer and not in Office For more information, see Office sign-in for Yammer. Keep in mind that a domain can be verified on only one tenant at a time. To preserve your Yammer Enterprise network and all your trial Office configuration post-trial, purchase your plan from your trial account.

Si vous décidez de déplacer votre domaine vers un nouveau client, un nouveau réseau Yammer sera créé sous ce client. If you decide to move your domain to a new tenant, a new Yammer network will be created under that tenant. You can migrate your trial tenant’s Yammer network to your new tenant, but this just preserves users, not data. For more information, see Manage Yammer domains across their lifecycle in Office Follow the instructions in Buy a subscription to Office for business from your free trial.

Users in Office plans that include Yammer automatically get a license to use Yammer Enterprise, but they are not added to your Yammer network until they log in to Yammer for the first time. The simplest way to ensure that your Office users are on Yammer is by using the Yammer admin center to add them.

For more information, see Add, block, or remove Yammer users.

It depends on whether you configure your Yammer network to enforce Office identity. If you select the option to enforce Office identity, all users must have a Hammer license through Office For more information, see Enforce Office identity for Yammer users. If you do not choose to enforce Office identity, users who are on the same email domain as your Yammer network but do not have Office licenses can gratuih the network by creating a Yammer account at http: There are some differences in how you manage users who are not using Office These users can be made admins, create groups, and use all Yammer Enterprise features.


If they are made admins, they have to get to the Yammer admin center by clicking the Settings icon in Yammer, and selecting Network Adminrather than from the Office admin center. La limite uniquement est la taille du fichier. Yammer is designed as a SaaS, multi-tenant environment with scale in mind. The only limit is file size. Both versions support unlimited users, unlimited files, unlimited external networks, and unlimited document types.

By default, there are no restrictions on the file types that can be uploaded. A Yammer Enterprise network admin can restrict files to video and images only. We make our best grtuit to enforce this restriction by checking the file extension yammeer metadata, but yammmer not guarantee that users cannot bypass this restriction. For more information, see Configure your Yammer network. The tests are performed on a subset of users across all networks, so changes don’t occur at the network level until they’re tested and launched.

Yammer et Office utilisant une version prise en charge et la méthodologie de développement itératif, sont en constante évolution. Les éléments en cours de création et leur stade de grattuit et de test sont disponibles: Yammer and Office use a rapid release and iterative development methodology, so change is constant. The items currently being developed and their stage of development and testing are available here: Yammet davantage sur notre blog.

Quitter le mode focus. Yammer Basic is available for grathit to any user with a valid email address from their organization. It is designed for use as a quick trial to understand basic Yammer features.

Yammer pour Windows et Mac

This trial is not connected to Office Yammer Enterprise includes yyammer the enterprise management features required for security, compliance, and integration with Office It is part of Officeso a trial of Yammer Enterprise is available as part of a trial of any Office plan that includes Yammer. Tout utilisateur sur le domaine peut faire partie du réseau Yammer, ils possèdent une licence Office ou non.

Any user on the domain can be part of the Yammer network, whether or not they have an Office license. Différences de propriété de données Data ownership differences Les utilisateurs possèdent leurs propres données.

yammer gratuit

Users own their own data. Votre tammer possède les données. Your organization owns the data. Users manage their own profile and content.

There are ggratuit network admins. Two levels of network admins can manage users, configure the network, monitor content, export data, bulk update users, enable and disable some features, run reports, and merge domains into one network.

Users can add other users. Tous les utilisateurs gérer leur propre profil. All users manage their own profile. Administrateurs de contrôlent si les utilisateurs doivent être authentifiés via Office Admins control whether users must be authenticated through Office If Enforce Office identity is selected: Cela permet de planifier et la séquence de votre déploiement de Yammer. This lets you plan and sequence your roll out of Yammer.


Ces utilisateurs doivent mettre à jour leurs propres profils. These users must update their own profiles. Internal and external groups can be set up by any user. Les administrateurs peuvent contrôler qui peut définir des groupes externes. Admins can control who can set up external groups. Office connecté aux groupes de fournissent un accès à une bibliothèque de documents SharePoint, site SharePoint, OneNote et planificateur partagé pour le groupe.

Office connected groups provide access to a shared SharePoint document library, SharePoint site, OneNote, and Planner for the group.

yammer gratuit

Dynamic groups can be used to automatically populate groups based on your organization’s directory. Différences de personnalisation Customization differences Groupe administrateurs peuvent sélectionner une image du groupe, la couleur et le motif. Group admins can select a group image, color, and pattern. Admins can customize the header and logo and choose a logo for Yammer emails.

If they enforce Office identity, the Office theme is used to customize the header. Access to apps from the Yammer App Directory.

Apps that require running as a verified admin will not work. Accès limité aux API Yammer. Limited access to the Yammer APIs.

Full access to all apps from the Yammer App Directory. Integration with SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, and other solutions. Accès total à toutes les API Yammer.

Full access to all Yammer APIs. For more information, see Integrate Yammer with other applications.

yammer gratuit

Fonctionnalités de conformité Compliance features Les utilisateurs peuvent exporter leurs propres données et supprimer leurs propres données et leur propre compte. Users can export their own data and delete their own data and their own account. Administrateurs peuvent également restreindre les types de fichiers qui peuvent être téléchargés. Admins can create a network usage policy, export data, monitor keywords and conversations, use Exchange Online mail flow yammerr, and set data retention policies.

Yammer, pour quoi faire ?

Admins can also restrict types of files that can be uploaded. Administrateurs peuvent exporter toutes les données du réseau et supprimer des utilisateurs et des données utilisateur à partir du réseau. Admins can export all network data, and remove users and user data from the network.

Différences de domaine Domain differences Disponible sur un domaine. Available on one domain.

Yammer pour Windows et Mac – Office

Administrateurs peuvent configurer et gérer plusieurs domaines dans Office qui utilisent un réseau Yammer. Admins can configure and manage multiple domains in Office which all use one Yammer network. Multiple Yammer networks can be merged together so when the user logs on, they enter a single Yammer network with all their colleagues, regardless of which company SMTP email address was used to log on.